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You are the creator of your destiny.

You graduated high school or college... now what? You are an adult but don't feel grown-up. Individuals in the early part of adulthood have unique issues and feelings of being "in-between", especially in today's climate where the world seems to be falling apart. This time is anything but simple or straightforward, and there is no manual for "adulting". As a result, people in their twenties are suffering.  

Are you struggling because you feel you are not reaching your true potential?

Maybe you are unemployed or underemployed despite your college degree? 

Have you landed your "dream job" but now find yourself questioning this path? 

Are you living alone or paying rent for the first time and feeling isolated?


Maybe you are getting mixed signals from society or your family about being an adult?

Are you feeling lost - seeking passion, fulfillment, or happiness?

Are you worried and fearful about the life choices that you are making?

We get what adulting is really like because we are living it too. We know there is hope and this can be a time of self-discovery, self-awareness, and acceptance. Setting yourself up with support, guidance, and understanding through therapy is a healthy choice that can help you get back on track.

The quarter-life crisis is real and

Human State of Mind is here

to help you through it. 

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Clinical Focus

Relationship difficulties (friends, family, romantic)​

Life transitions

Depression, sadness, & isolation

Anxiety, fear, & worry

Stress-management & relaxation skills

Living with more meaning & purpose

Establishing a personal mindfulness practice

Self-esteem & self-worth

Are you ready to "adult" with confidence?

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