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The Trauma & Grief Component Therapy for Adolescents (TGCTA) is a treatment format for youth (ages 12-19) whose histories of exposure to trauma, bereavement, and other major life adversities place them at risk for severe persisting distress, functional impairment, risky behavior, and developmental disruption. Some youth can experience traumatic events without apparent distress, but for many, the long-term consequences can be serious. 

Why choose TGCTA?

TGCTA is designed to help adolescents adopt a more constructive, forward-looking set of expectations and aspirations. This approach promotes a framework for teens to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to support their transitions through the remaining years of adolescents and into young adulthood. 

  1. Specialized focus on adolescence whereby it addresses their developmental needs, strengths, risks, challenges, tasks, and life circumstances. 

  2. Interplay between trauma and bereavement such that TGCTA approaches trauma and bereavement as separate and distinct, yet related entities.

  3. Modularized, assessment-driven format that uses evidence-based assessment methods and can be flexibly tailored in accordance with each unique client.

  4. Multi-tiered intervention framework that has services ranging from general wellness to specialized mental health therapeutic services.

  5. Options for an individual or group-based format (At Human State of Mind Counseling, we are currently offering both formats!).

  6. Grounded in cutting-edge theoretical and empirical developments that draw on recent clinical and scientific advances in the fields of child and adolescent trauma and bereavement.

What is trauma?

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