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Adolescence is about establishing independence.

If your teenager has shut out the world – and you along with it - you probably feel as though your heart is breaking. If your teenager is constantly arguing, taking risks, and rebelling, you might be feeling frightened for their wellbeing. Every teen goes through a series of developmental milestones to enter adulthood, but it is important to keep in mind that social, physical, cognitive, and emotional changes can vary from one teen to another.

The goal of adolescent development is to move toward a more mature sense of self and purpose by asking the questions “Who am I” and “What can I be”?

These years are challenging for teens, and parents, as teens learn how to find their place in the world apart from their families.

A positive sense of identity is developed by establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, sharing intimacy, learning to understand abstract ideas and developing their own views on life. Research shows there is a high degree of brain activity during adolescence which means there is a lot going on inside your teens’ head that might explain some of the moods or behaviors you are seeing. 

Counseling can provide an unbiased arena for your teen to vent frustrations and check out their perspectives. Some of the ways in which counseling can help include: becoming more secure, improving academic achievement, finding fulfillment in relationships, learning to identify strengths, building confidence, and finding happiness. The primary focus of our work together is to help teens develop the skills they need to achieve interpersonal and academic success while also exploring their own sense of personal identity.


Therapists at Human State of Mind will provide feedback to parents about how your teen is doing in therapy; however, the amount of feedback and degree of content will vary widely depending on the age of your teen and on your teen's comfort level with sharing information. Some teenagers will not share personal information in therapy if they feel that everything they say will be told to their parents, so we strike a balance between protecting their sense of privacy and informing parents when important issues arise in the treatment.

Clinical Focus

Anxiety & stress

Perfectionism & self-doubt

Depression & lack of motivation

Overwhelming emotions

Social & relationship difficulties

College readiness & decision-making

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