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Hi! I'm Jasandra.

Do you ever ask yourself, "how did I get here?"? Knowing what to change and how to change isn't easy, but you don't have to figure this out on your own.

I work with emotionally neglected people, lifelong worriers, and chronic people-pleasers who want to live with more meaning and connection.

Life is messy and uncertain. Maybe you've convinced yourself that you should be able to keep it all together. What do you tell yourself when you don't meet that expectation?

  • I'm a failure.

  • I'm needy.

  • I'm weak.

  • I can't do anything right.

  • I'm fake.

  • I'm not enough.


      Sound familiar?



Your inner-critic is a liar.

Adversity and pain are inevitable parts of being human. Dismissing your struggles - and the emotions that come along with them - further disconnects you from yourself and the relationships you have with others. Instead of living the life you truly want, you feel stuck in a self-defeating cycle.

It's time to break free from the patterns that hold you back. 

I'm here to help you, not "fix" you. You are not broken.

Therapy gives you a safe, objective space for self-exploration. You’ll be met with acceptance, genuine interest, and the space to be exactly who you are. By working together, you can gain a fresh perspective on how you got here and the ways you want to heal.


Therapy is about getting real, so I am going to relate to you in a real way.

I'm a warm, compassionate, and laidback therapist who won't shy away from being human with you.  I will support you, challenge you, and be a fierce advocate for your wellbeing. My counseling approach is based on the notion that as humans, we all strive for connection -  a genuine feeling of belongingness. I won't give you all the answers, but I will work with you to develop insight and skills that help you come to your personal conclusions and sense of meaning. 


As someone who has been on "the couch" myself, I know that counseling can be uncomfortable at times, but it can also open space in your life for healing, growth, and authenticity. With deep respect and curiosity, I’ll help you uncover your strengths & make meaningful changes.


Let's sort out the messiness of life together.


Child Whisperer

I have always latched onto the concept of “growing old and not growing up”. Because of this, I am still quite an expert in all-things-play! Through play therapy, I nurture a connection with kiddos that is based on trust, respect, and acceptance. My exceptional ability to immerse myself in children's worlds allows me to grow a sincere understanding of how they see themselves and the world around them. With that understanding, I help kiddos practice self-acceptance and conquer their challenges.


Parent Uplifter

I am filled with gratitude when parents invite me into their lives to see all the great things, as well as all the things that might get metaphorically crammed in a closet when guests come over. I work closely with parents to help them gain a deeper understanding of their kiddos. By sharing my knowledge of social-emotional-cognitive development, I empower parents to make practical and healthy changes that can improve the family's quality of life. I am constantly in awe of the courage it takes to be a raiser-of-children and treasure my role in helping parents figure out who they want to be as a parent, and how to make that vision come to life.

Degrees & license 

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Texas | #72881


Currently pursuing a Ph.D. | Counselor Education
Sam Houston State University, projected 2020

  • Extensive research focus and training on trauma and play therapy. 

  • Other research interests: gratitude, anxiety, perfectionism, self-compassion, and creativity. 


M.A. | Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Sam Houston State University, 2014


B.A. | Psychology & Communications
Texas A&M University, 2011


When I'm Not At The Office

I have two amazing shelter dogs and we spend a lot of time outdoors. Adventure and new experiences are two things that my soul always yearns for - I love learning from people of all different walks of life. My other lifelong love is art... I love the process of creating and transforming anything I can get my hands on. Above all, I am super-duper passionate about my human existence and work hard to stay grateful, authentic, and open to all the things life sends my way! 



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