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it's not just fun and games.

Don't let the name fool you, play therapy is serious work. When children enter the world of play therapy, they experience the freedom to fully explore their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Benefits of Play Therapy.

Researchers have been investigating the wonders of play therapy for nearly 80 years. These are just some of play therapy's benefits that can help your child live a more balanced and healthy life: 

  • Increased understanding of emotions and ability to cope

  • Higher empathy and respect for self and others

  • Healthier strategies to meet social and emotional needs

  • Raised confidence and self-acceptance 

  • Better understanding of choices and consequences

  • More self-control and responsibility for behavior

  • Enhanced problem-solving skills and use of creative solutions

  • Improved social skills and ways of communicating 

are you looking for more peace and less struggle?

how does

play therapy work?

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