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Mindfulness isn't just a buzzword.

It's a powerful tool to help all humans; the young, the old, and the in-between. In a world that can feel mindless at times, mindfulness gives you the ability to take control of your daily life and be in the present. 


Jon Kanat Zinn, the father of secular mindfulness and founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction, described mindfulness as paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.


At Human State of Mind Counseling, we embody the attitudes of mindfulness: nonjudging, patience, beginner's mind (every moment is new), trust, non-striving (not forcing a result), letting go (allowing things to be as they are), acceptance, gratitude, and generosity.

The Benefits of a Mindful Life

  • Improved emotional regulation

  • More self-control and less impulsivity

  • Increased attentiveness 

  • Strengthened executive functioning

  • Increased sense of calmness and relaxation

  • Higher self-acceptance and self-esteem

  • More quality interactions with others

  • More empathy and care for others​

  • Improved focus and attention

  • Enhanced ability to deal with illness

  • Gained self-appreciation and body satisfaction

  • Improved performance

  • Improved sleep quality and general health

Mindful Parenting

Practicing mindfulness can transform the way you parent. Do you ever find yourself feeling upset about how you handled an interaction with your children?

Mindfulness could be the tool that helps you parent in a way that feels intentional and empowering. These are a few benefits that can be helpful for everyone, and especially for parents: 

  • Decreased reactivity

  • Increased compassion

  • Better ability to model appropriate behavior

  • Decreased distractibility

  • Increased ability to provide support

  • Increased attunement with child

Escape the chaos & find your calm.

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