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The constant demands, expectations, and pressures of life can really start to weigh you down. Some challenges seem to come out of nowhere, and others may have been lingering for so many years that you've lost count. Anxiety and overwhelm make it tough to find the motivation or confidence to move forward with changes you've been wanting to make. Maybe you notice that painful experiences from the past are continuously affecting your sense of peace in the present.

If you are tired of feeling not-like-you and want to break unhealthy patterns, you're in the right place. Many circumstances bring adults to counseling -  it is a place where you are free to sort through your thoughts and feelings with support and insight from your therapist. Having an objective, judgment-free space opens up possibilities for you to explore yourself and make sense of your life experiences. The therapeutic relationship is different from talking with anyone else in your life. Counseling has the unique aspect of providing you with a trained professional who can challenge you and help you evaluate things from a different perspective.

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Clinical Focus

Adjusting to life changes & transitions

Anxiety, work/life balance, & stress-overload

Perfectionism, chronic people-pleasing, & self-criticism


Unresolved & traumatic experiences

Personal growth & self-exploration


Relationship struggles & unhealthy patterns


Feeling lost & lacking meaning


Parent identity & confidence

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