The Human Approach to Therapy

Our philosophy at Human State of Mind is simple. 

We have a deep respect for

what it means to be human 

& are passionate about

helping others live in a way that feels

authentic, empowering, & fulfilling.

We offer counseling for children, teens, and adults to enhance the whole person; body + mind + soul. We approach counseling as a supportive process that recognizes the individuality of each person and have built a counseling experience that is just as unique. 


We understand that dealing with the challenges and stress of life can be difficult. Counseling is a normal, healthy process that can set you on a path of personal growth and wholeness. Our goal is to empower you to reconnect with your true and best self.

We are all in this together.

Human State of Mind Counseling was founded by two therapists and friends who share a vision to serve as an invaluable resource to the Houston community for emotional support and total well-being. More important than talking the talk, we walk the walk by working hard to model what we recommend:


self-care, humor, mindfulness, curiosity, compassion, & balance

Meet The Team

Stephanie Longtain


for men, 20-somethings, & college-bound teens

Jasandra Oeffinger


for adults,

children, & parents


Let us walk beside you & help you overcome the challenges of being human.  

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535 W 20th Street #205 Houston, TX 77008

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